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  • Russia is monitoring U.S. Navy destroyer since it entered the Black Sea

    The Russian Black Sea Fleet is monitoring destroyer USS Porter of the U.S. Navy, which entered the Black Sea, reported the Russian National Defense Management Center, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

    According to the center, the destroyer entered the Black Sea at 18:30 Moscow time. "The Black Sea Fleet's forces and facilities are monitoring the actions of the U.S. Navy ship," the statement reads.

    According to the U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet, USS Porter will work with the Black Sea partner countries to …

  • Russia conducts aviation exercises in Crimea to counter reconnaissance aircraft

    The Russian Air Forces conducted a training exercise to destroy a foreign reconnaissance aircraft in the Crimea, which "violates the state border in the airspace over the Crimean Peninsula," reported the press-service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    It also reported that the so-called "the Wall" tactic was practiced during the training.

    "The joint command involved equipment of radio reconnaissance and air defense of more than 30 warships, six divisions of Coastal Missile Systems Bal and …

  • Russia sends warships to the Black Sea to monitor NATO exercises

    The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s reconnaissance and attack ships as well as coastal missile systems have been put in combat readiness state in connection with NATO’s exercises in the Black Sea, stated the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Defense Ministry, on Monday.

    “Reconnaissance ships, naval attack groups, coastal missile systems Bastion and Bal and naval aircraft are on duty in the designated areas of the Black Sea,” TASS  reported citing the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    The …

  • Russia conducts anti-aircraft missile exercises in Crimea

    Russia began anti-aircraft missile exercises in the annexed Crimea. The units of the anti-aircraft missile regiment from the army corps of the Black Sea Fleet began exercises near Saki and Kacha airfields in the Crimea, the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet reported.

    "More than 300 servicemen from anti-aircraft crews of the anti-aircraft missile regiment have launched a set of combat training tasks, including the deployment of firing positions, preparation for opening fire, as well …

  • Russian Kalibr-equipped Stary Oskol submarine enters Black Sea

    The cruise missile-equipped “Stary Oskol” submarine from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has set out into the Black Sea in order to carry out a training exercise, the Russian media reports, citing the fleet’s headquarters.

    “The submarine crew will rehearse various exercises with maritime aircraft and anti-submarine ships from the Black Sea Fleet,” the report states.

    Previously the personnel practiced steering the submarine, and developed an algorithm for diving to various depths, from periscope …

  • Russia to reinforce Black Sea Fleet with Bastion missile systems

    In 2019, the Russian Defense Ministry will continue to reinforce its Black Sea Fleet with K300-P Bastion coastal defense missile systems armed with supersonic Onyx anti-ship cruise missiles, Interfax reported, citing a source familiar with the situation. 

    “In 2019, three missile battalions are expected [to be added]. They will be part of the coastal and ground forces of the Pacific, Northern and Black Sea Fleets,” the statement reads. These are the same types of missile systems already …

  • Russia claims it started equipping warships with blinding and hallucination-inducing systems

    The Russian state-owned company Ruselectronics has equipped Russian naval ships with optical systems that can blind enemies and even cause hallucinations, a source in the company told RIA Novosti.

    The new “Filin” stations, developed by one of the company’s factories, have been installed on the frigates Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatanov. Each ship has been equipped with two such systems. There are also plans to mount the stations on two project 22350 frigates.

    The stations are designed to …

  • Russia holds military exercises in Crimea

    According to the press service of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Russian military held exercises in the Crimea, reported Krym.Realii.

    During the exercises, S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system crews redeployed the missile systems, practiced target detection and destroyed mock enemy aircraft. The military also practiced dismantling missile launchers and radar equipment and then moving to new positions and redeploying them.

    After deploying missile launchers, the crew checked …

  • Ukrainian State Border Guards confront Russian Border Service off Crimean coast

    Ukrainian border guards, while on patrol, approached a drilling rig which was seized by Russia during the annexation of the Crimea. Russian ships from the Black Sea Fleet and the Coast Guard Service of the FSB immediately confronted them, reported the press service for the Ukrainian State Border Service.

    “During a planned patrol the ship Nikolaev together with border service aircraft Diamond once again recorded events confirming illegal activities in the maritime economic zone of Ukraine. Self- …

  • Ukrainian President proposes to prohibit Russian Black Sea Fleet from staying in Crimea

    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has submitted a bill on changing the country's constitution to the parliament. This bill bans military bases from hosting military groups within the international treaties framework, said representative of the Ukraine President in the Verkhovna Rada, Irina Lutsenko , reports news website.

    According to her, this bill proposes to exclude constitutional provisions that allow leasing of the military bases in the territory of the country.

    "It concerns …