Ukraine issues seizure orders for 50 ships for entering Crimea

Ukraine has issued seizure orders for 50 ships which entered the ports of Russia-annexed Crimea, said the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office for Crimea and Sevastopol, as cited by Radio Liberty.

"Currently, the court has issued seizure warrants for 50 infringing vessels, 11 of them entered the closed ports of temporarily occupied Crimea under the Russian flag. Measures are being taken to establish the location of these ships in order to enforce the court ruling," the prosecutor's office said.

The Prosecutor’s Office noted that the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) is conducting a pre-trial investigation into the illegal entry of these ships in the closed ports of Crimea. The case was initiated under section 2 of Article 332-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of the order of entry into and out of the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine).

Since July 2014, the Ukrainian government has officially closed the operation of all ports in the annexed peninsula.

Earlier, Ukrainian court issued seizure orders for another 44 Russian planes that flew into the annexed Crimea.

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