Ukraine is developing new weapons for military helicopters

The director general of the Ukrainian defense concern Ukroboronprom, Pavel Bukin, during his visit to the Motor Sich enterprise in Zaporizhia, announced the Ukroboronprom subsidiaries have developed gyro-stabilizing platforms, which are integrated in the Barrier missile control system used in Mi-type combat helicopters, reports  Ukroboronprom’s press service.

“Zaporizhia enterprises have now developed a program to create Ukrainian combat helicopters.

 I am convinced that in close cooperation with the corporation’s aviation cluster companies as well as with other private defense enterprises, it is possible to achieve high-quality results and create a reliable combat vehicle,” said Bukin.

At the moment, the Ukroboronprom factories have created two gyro-stabilizing platforms for helicopters. The state enterprise Photopribor has developed the PM-LKT suspension module designed to provide search, detection and identification of tanks or armored vehicle-type ground targets. In addition, it leads high-precision missiles on such objects.

Last year the PM-LKT module successfully passed field tests.

Meanwhile, Izyum Instrument-Making Plant, together with other Ukrainian defense sector factories, developed a new-generation optical gunsight station OPSN-I according to NATO standards. It still needs to be tested to confirm its ability to work under extreme conditions.

OPSN-I includes high-power optics, a thermal imager, laser controls and range finders. It can be installed on various types of military equipment, in particular helicopters, airplanes, drones, armored vehicles and ships.

The use of the above-mentioned platforms will allow the targeting of the Barrier-V complex guided missiles via laser channels from helicopters, and in the future from attack aircraft.

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