Ukraine holds large-scale exercises near the Russian border

Ukraine held this year’s largest tactical-special exercises of the Armed Forces at a training area on the coast of the Azov Sea. The exercises involved artillery, aviation, and armored and wheeled vehicles, and is the largest-scale exercise of the year to-date, the Minister of Defense’s press service reported. 

“According to the plan of the exercises, the imagined enemy violating peace agreements used the newest landing ships, overcame the resistance of the State Border Service of Ukraine and launched a full-scale invasion of our country,” the report stated.

To counteract the aggressor, the servicemen of a separate airborne brigade and a separate airborne assault brigade conducted a counterattack which destroyed the enemy.

The deputy head of the exercises, Lt. Col. Anatoly Korneychuk, noted that the exercises displayed “the quality of training of personnel with regard to the ability to use weapons, the ability of unit commanders to quickly and correctly assess the change in the tactical situation, and the ability to establish cooperation with commanders of other units and subunits.”

  Ukraine, Russia, Azov Sea, exercises