Ukraine doubles export of poultry to the EU

The European Commission reported that in 2018, Ukraine supplied European Union with 123 thousand tons of poultry, which is 53.7% more than in 2017.

Chile suppliers showed similar results, increasing the supply of poultry to the EU by 44%. However, even the increase in export rates did not allow Chile to bypass Ukraine. In one year, Chileans exported only 35.9 thousand tons of poultry.

In the meantime, Brazil significantly dropped in the rankings of the largest poultry supplier to the EU. In one year, the country reduced poultry exports to the EU by 26.2%. So far, Brazil still ranks second with an annual export figure of 296.2 thousand tons. However, a further reduction in its poultry supply to the EU may result in Ukraine replacing Brazil in the rankings.

  Ukraine, EU, European Commission, Brazil