Ukraine calls up reservists

The press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense  stated that starting Monday, December 3rd, large-scale call-up of reservists and those liable for military duty will begin.

“In part, reservists will be called to duty for up to 15 days to command units and up to 20 days to training centers. Therefore, it is assumed that all the events will be completed before the beginning of the New Year holidays,” noted the Ministry.

“However, mobilization will only be carried out in the case of open aggression. In such situation, not only those on active duty but all reservists and those liable for military service will be called to duty in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the Ministry stated.

In addition, in areas in which martial law has been introduced, gathering of those liable for military service will last for 10 days. During this period, "combat coordination of brigades and territorial defense battalions will be held in order to prepare for the defense of these regions."

From the 26th of November to the 26th of December, ten regions in Ukraine are under Martial law. The martial law has been introduced after Russia seized three Ukrainian military vessels and detained their crew members  in the Black Sea, near the Kerch Strait.

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