Ukraine and Turkey intend to create next-generation combat drone

The  next-generation combat unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Akinci will be one of the first projects of the joint venture created by the Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrspecexport, and the Turkish Baykar Defense company, reports the press-service of the Ukrainian national defense concern Ukroboronprom.

"The project is executed through the cooperation of the largest defense companies of Ukraine and Turkey", - said the General Director of the concern Pavlo Bukin.

According to Ukroboronprom, the next-generation combat UAV is being developed taking into account the conflicts in the 21 century. One of its main advantages, as concern specified, will be the ability to carry out high-precision strikes with ammunition that is used on conventional aircraft.

Akinci is a heavy heavy drone, equipped with two Ukrainian-made engines, which allow it to fly at an altitude of more than 12 km. The drone can carry more than a ton of payload, and its flight time could reach up to 24 hours. Also, it will receive a thermal vision system and a radar with an active large-phased array.

Earlier, Turkey announced, that the shipping of the drone will begin in 2021. It is expected that the Akinci program will work on technologies that will be used for further development of unmanned aircraft in Turkey.

On August 8, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky visited the production of Baykar unmanned aerial systems during his visit to Turkey.

  Akinci, Ukraine, Turkey