Ukraine and Bulgaria agree on the construction of a transport corridor

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov agreed on the joint construction of a road between the Odessa region, Reni and Varna, Poroshenko’s reported on hist Twitter.

“We agreed with the Prime Minister of Bulgaria to step up the construction of the road between the Odessa region, Reni and Varna through the territory of Romania,” Poroshenko stated. “We will do everything so that it becomes possible to get to Varna from Odessa easily in a few hours in the future.”

Poroshenko revealed the map of the route, which the Bulgarian Prime Minister brought to him.  

“There is a signature of Romania missing on the map, which was shown by the President,” Borisov added. “The construction of this road will not be very expensive. It can be a public-private partnership or a joint fund of three States.”

  Ukraine, Bulgaria