U.S. tries to dissuade Ukraine from cooperating with China

During his visit to Ukraine on Tuesday, U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton confirmed that he will try to convince the Ukrainian authorities of the danger of cooperation with China.

However, Bolton declined to comment on matters related to the sale of Ukrainian manufacture of airplane and helicopters engines, Motor Sich, to Chinese investors.

He did not confirm, but also did not deny media reports, that the U.S. will try to block the sale of the Motor Sich with a subsequent transfer of its technology to China.

"We plan to talk about a number of transactions [between Ukraine with China]. I don't want to focus on jut one of them," Bolton said as cited by Evropeyska Pravda.

The US National Security Advisor expects the Ukrainian authorities to take into account the possible consequences of Chinese investment in sensitive sectors.

"Ukraine will make its decision, but perhaps Ukraine will find a better choice that will have better consequences for its citizens," he explained.

John Bolton reminded that in the United States, as in Ukraine, there is a system of approval of contracts related to military technologies and the contracts that threaten national security are blocked.

"We believe that China is trying to integrate into the economies of other countries around the world, including through the Silk Road project, and through attractive investments... We inform friends and partners about the dangers that Chinese investment brings," the US National Security Advisor said.

Bolton, at the same time, refused to comment on the consequences of Ukraine not heeding the advice of its partners, stressing that it is not about punishment, but that such contracts can harm Ukraine itself. He also pointed out that the corruption could have taken place during such sales. "The Chinese are not afraid to use corruption, or let me say it bluntly - bribes to get the solution they want," Bolton said

According to The Wall Street Journal, during a visit to Kyiv, Bolton will try to convince the Ukrainian leadership to abandon the idea of selling Motor Sich to the Chinese holding Beijing Skyrizon Aviation.

The publication noted that the agreement on the Motor Sich is widely perceived by American officials as another step of China to expand its military capabilities. The acquisition of Motor Sich will help boost China's military, which Washington is trying to contain by imposing an embargo on the sale of military goods.

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