Two suspects detained in Latvia for espionage for Russia

Two people suspected of long-term cooperation with the military intelligence of the Russian Federation were detained in Latvia. They are accused of providing the Russian Special Services with classified information about the Latvian defense sector, the news agencies BNS and LETA reported, citing the Latvian State Security Service (VVD). The names of the detainees have not been published.

According to the reports, the suspects were detained by the VVD together with the Defence Intelligence and Security Service (MIDD) in 2021 as part of two criminal investigations. They remain in detention. On December 30, the materials of one of the criminal cases were handed over to the Prosecutor's Office, with the VVD requesting that the criminal prosecution of the suspect be initiated.

The VVD has information about the meetings of the suspects with representatives of the Russian military intelligence in the territory of the Russian Federation. One of them used his professional contacts to obtain, analyze and send to the Russian special service data on the combat capabilities, procedures, plans and exercises of the Latvian army, defense procurement and the NATO contingent in the territory of the country. The second accused is also suspected of long-term cooperation with the military intelligence of the Russian Federation.

In June 2021, the Latvian parliament allowed the Prosecutor General's Office to detain and execute search warrants of the properties of the MP of the Social Democratic Party "Harmony", ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Janis Adamsons, who is suspected of espionage for Russia. It was reported that, for four years, the former minister had been providing to Russia information about the military budget, procurement, and the country’s eastern border. According to VDD documents, he had committed 43 acts of espionage.

In June, another suspect in Adamsons’ case, a citizen of Russia, was detained. In December, the Saeima allowed the criminal prosecution of Adamsons.

Jānis Adamsons was a member of the Saeima Defense Committee, Internal Affairs and Prevention of Corruption, but did not have access to information containing state secrets, LETA news agency said. Adamsons denied the allegations, saying that he only provided information in his interviews. After his arrest, he resigned from the Social Democratic Party "Harmony” but did not resign as a the Saeima MP.

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