US expresses concern over deployment of Russian S-300 missile systems in Syria

The United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey once again stated Washington’s concern over the Russian S-300 systems in Syria.

According to him, especially concerning is the low level of preparation of Syrian personnel who will be operating the systems.

At a telephone briefing in Brussels, Jeffrey also noted that the S-300 limits Israel’s ability to strike Iran’s forces in Syria which can attack Israel. The speaker of the State Department expressed his full support for Israel in this issue, stating Israel should be able to protect themselves from potential aggression.

Earlier, Israel stated that they are ready to attack Syrian S-300 missile systems if they attack Israeli targets. Israel fears that if misused, the S-300 system can cause civilian aircraft to be shot down.

The Russian Federation delivered the S-300 missile systems to the Syrian army after on September 17th the S-200 air-defense system used by the Syrian Army shot down a Russian Il-20 surveillance aircraft killing all 15 Russian servicemen onboard. The Russian Defense Ministry accused Israeli pilots for the tragedy. According to Russia, Israeli warplanes were raiding Syrian targets, putting the Russian airplane in the line of fire.

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