Russian military repel another drone attack on Khmeimim Air Base in Syria

The Russian military shot down five drones approaching the Russian Khmeimim Air Base in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on its Facebook page.

According to the Ministry of Defense, militants launched drones from the de-escalation zone in the Idlib province. The Russian military destroyed them at a distance from the air base. There were no casualties and no material damage.

During the same day, Syria recorded 25 shooting attacks on the government troops. As a result, three Syrian soldiers were killed and eight injured.

The day before, the Russian military had spotted two drones sent from the territory controlled by the armed groups in Idlib. They were destroyed with anti-aircraft guns.

Between August 9 and 11, the Russian military also detected and destroyed four drones launched from the territory controlled by militant groups. Subsequently, the Syrian air defense destroyed an "enemy target", which violated the airspace on the border with Lebanon.

In early August, representatives of Russia, Turkey and Iran told the UN humanitarian mission that they would do everything possible to prevent the death of civilians in the province of Idlib. There are 4 million people in this territory.

At the end of July, Russian President's Special Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev announced that the Syrian government troops do not plan a large-scale operation in this province. He also said that the threat against Russian soldiers at the airbase Khmeimim is eliminated, then there would no longer be a need to conduct operations against militants.

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