Media: head of LPR is terminally ill and Kremlin is already looking for a replacement citing anonymous sources reported that the head of the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) Leonid Pasechnik is terminally ill and, based on doctor’s prognosis, he has no more than six months to live.

The source said that the Kremlin is already looking for a replacement for Pasechnik. As a replacement for Pasechnik, Moscow could use the former LPR militant leader Igor Plotnitsky, who at the moment, is hiding in Russia.

“Maybe Deynego (Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LPR). All decisions made, are made here with a fight,” said the anonym.

The source also said that Pasechnik appears in public less and less often. He is not shown by any local TV channels, and at public events, his speeches are read out by others.

Another source for the publication stressed that with the arrival of Pasechnik to “power” the situation in the Luhansk has deteriorated. Nobody cleans the roads, and they are covered with a layer of ice. In order to remove a bit of ice, militants drive military equipment onto the streets.

Pasechnik became the leader of the militants in 2017 after the ex-leader of the so-called LPR Igor Plotnitsky fled to Russia.

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