Temporary stabilization: Ukrainian Forces repel Russian advances in Donetsk region

According to military correspondent Bohdan Miroshnikov, it's crucial that the halt of hostilities does not obscure the sight of the Ukrainian command. In Severodonetsk, Bakhmut, and Avdiivka, there was initially "tactical stabilization," which was then followed by a sharp deterioration in the situation.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have managed to slow the advance of Russian troops in New York, Donetsk region. According to Miroshnikov, this was achieved at the cost of incredible efforts. He shared this information on his Telegram channel.

"In New York, an incredible effort was made to somewhat slow the enemy's advance. But I sincerely hope these temporary stabilizations do not cloud the command's judgement. The problem must be resolved in full," Miroshnikov stated.

He noted similar situations had previously occurred in Severodonetsk, Bakhmut, and Avdiivka. Initially, there was "variable stabilization," followed by a sharp worsening of the situation and a shift in the balance of power.

The war observer stressed that there is no room for complacency, especially since the advance of the Russian forces has not been completely stopped. He urged people to remember the cost, as every stabilization of the situation and halt of the occupiers' advance comes at the expense of Ukrainian soldiers' lives.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the Toretsk direction, Russian forces, supported by aviation, carried out 19 attacks near the settlements of Dyliivka, Yuzhne, Severne, Toretsk, and New York.

On July 8, reserve officer and military expert Andriy Kramarov stated that the Ukrainian forces might theoretically encircle Russian troops in the Ocheretyne area of the Donetsk region. He mentioned that this would require cutting off the Russians salient.

On the same day, Serhiy Tsekhotsky, an officer of the 59th Independent Motorized Infantry Brigade named after Yakov Handziuk of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported an increase in the intensity of assaults by Russians in the Pokrovske direction of Donetsk region.

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