Syria: Israel was behind airstrike against military airport in Homs

Israel was behind the missile strike against the T-4 military airport situated in the eastern part of Syria’s Homs province, a source in the Syrian military command told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Wednesday.

“Israeli aircraft committed a new act of aggression against Syria, attacking the T-4 military airport from the Al-Tanf region bordering with Jordan and Iraq,” the report states. “Our anti-air defense systems repelled the missile strike, destroying several airborne enemy targets.”

The Israeli Air Force began the attack on Tuesday at 22:10 local time. According to the source, four missiles reached their targets, hitting the airport and causing material damage. No information has been received regarding possible casualties.

In July 2019 during a previous Israeli attack against the T-4 airbase in Homs, one Syrian soldier was killed and another two were wounded. The attack destroyed a warehouse with munitions, two structures, and a military vehicle. The airport’s infrastructure was also damaged. The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a message to the UN Security Council, informing the international community of an act of aggression.

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