Similar to Donbas Kremlin could start issuing Russian passports in Transnistria

The State Duma deputy, Alexander Yaroshuk, told the TSV television channel that a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship might be organized for Transnistria in the near future.

The parliamentarian stressed that in the lower house of parliament "they clearly understand the problems of the unrecognized republics." At the same time, amendments were made to all laws for the successful implementation of the initiative, “which had to be amended.”

“Now there is the political will regarding the DPR and the LPR. I think that with such cooperation a political decision will be made in the near future,” Yaroshuk said.

The deputy also said that the decision has been made to complete the construction of those republic’s facilities and the work started with the help of funds from the Russian budget. For example, the Republican Center of Mother and Child in the city of Tiraspol is being built. According to Yaroshuk, it would be unwise to stop construction “both politically and from the economic point of view”.

“You do not need much money to complete the constructions, and most importantly, they are very necessary for Transnistrians,” said the MP.

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