Shoygu: Russian military tested 210 different weapons in Syria

The Russian military tested 210 different weapons in Syria, as stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu in Andrey Kondrashov's film "Putin", reported Russian news agency TASS.

According the Shoygu, Syria provided Russia with a wealth of experience in the area of weaponry.

“We looked at 210 different kinds of weapons. We tested them on the battlefield with the Syrians. We made notes and comments on those that we looked at, that's all, it’s normal. I'm sure that in the future they will save the lives of those who go into battle with them,” he said.

The Russian military operation has been ongoing in Syria since the fall of 2015. Moscow supports the Syrian government. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly spoken about the “withdrawal” of Russian troops from Syria in connection with the completion of the combat mission.

Over the past two weeks, the Syrian army, supported by artillery fire and air strikes, has penetrated into almost half of the territory formerly occupied by rebels in Eastern Ghouta.

The UN calls the shelling with heavy weapons and bombardments, which are being used by government troops, unacceptable and equivalent to the collective punishment of the civilian population.

Syrian government troops are accused of deliberately targeting civilians.

Damascus claims that it wants to “liberate” the outskirts of the capital from the rebels, whom they call “terrorists.”

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