Sentsov's cousin calls for boycott of some Ukrainian media outlets

In an interview with Hromadske, Natalia Kaplan, cousin to imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov called for a boycott of several Ukrainian media outlets. She called for boycotting 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, Inter TV and publisher because, according to her, they took the “side of the enemy” in the information war.

As Kaplan explained, the TV channel 112 Ukraine called her and put on air with the Ukrainian MP, Evgeny Murayev. “I was on the air with Murayev... He began to tell me that I needed to stay quiet, and then Oleg would be released earlier. First of all, it’s nonsense, and secondly, it is a part of the information war... In fact, this media has provoked questions for a long time and I have decided that I'm not ready to communicate with them anymore,” said Kaplan.

She also called for a boycott of Inter TV. “[Inter] asked us how Oleg Sentsov is doing, but at the same time, they calmly broadcast soccer games (the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia). Moreover, they refused to at least show videos with Sentsov during the World Cup, which could somehow have mitigated the situation,” Kaplan explained.

“I don’t want to join an enemy side in the information war. And I urge others to just ignore these media... I only call for boycotting 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, Inter and the publisher,” she added.  

Murayev was reported to have made subjective comments about Sentsov on Ukrainian television. On June 7, he said that Oleg Sentsov means many things to different people but to some Ukrainian citizens, he is a terrorist.

  Oleh Sentsov, Ukraine