Satellite images show extensive damage to Syrian airbase after Israeli airstrike

The Israeli company Imagesat International (iSi) published satellite photographs of the Syrian Shayrat airbase showing the repairs to the airbase after the Israeli airstrike on March 31.

The images were taken by the satellite Eros B. On them, one can see that runways, taxiways and navigation systems of the airbase were completely destroyed.

“After two weeks of repairing due to a massive airstrike (31 March 2020), Shayrat airbase, Syria, shows signs of returning to operational activity. It is soon to tell if Shayrat airbase will serve for weapon transfer from Iran,” Imagesat said on Twitter.

6 Syrian Mig-29 fighters were stationed in Shayrat base.
The damage of Israeli air strikes was not disclosed by Syrian government. Russian news outlet writes that the fact that at least 9 missiles were never intercepted by Syrian air defense systems is of very serious concern.

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