Russian troops on the move in Transnistria

A convoy of armoured personnel carriers was spotted near Tiraspol airfield, located 13 kilometers from the western border with Ukraine, reported Nexta.

Officially, there are about 1,700 Russian troops in Transnistria. However, the actual size of the contingent is unknown. These are parts of the 14th Army, which was stationed in the region after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Despite the extremely small area, population and general economic insolvency, Transnistria holds an important strategic position, stretching along a narrow 10-15 km strip along the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. This makes Transnistria an ideal springboard for an unexpected offensive in the rear of the Ukrainian army.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ruslan Khomchak, during his speech in the Parliament, reported that Russia is amassing troops along Ukrainian borders.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Intelligence Directorate said that Russia is ready for large-scale provocations, in particular, to attack deep into the territory of Ukraine.

  Transnistria, Russia, Ukraine