Russian strike forces carry out tactical exercises in annexed Crimea

The Russian strike forces in annexed Crimea are carrying out tactical exercises, the Russian Defense Ministry press service announced. As reported, a test exercise is being done with a group of mixed strike forces in the Black Sea Fleet.

“Today, according to the military training plan of the Black Sea Fleet ships, the armed forces have begun tactical exercises,” the report states. The report notes that during the exercises, there are plans to rehearse air bombardment and the launching of guided and unguided missiles at air, ground and underwater targets.

“At various stages the drills will involve up to 20 military ships and auxiliary vessels, as well as fighters and anti-air defense,” the report states.

The exercises will involve Su-30SM multipurpose fighters and Su-24M front line bombers, a total of more than 20 planes, the Russian military department mentioned.

Earlier the General Staff of Ukraine called Russia’s military drills in annexed Crimea “illegal”.

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