Russian official requests Putin's prosecution for rehabilitating Nazism

Sergey Antonov, the head of the Russian Committee-2024 association, has submitted a request to the Russian Investigative Committee demanding the prosecution of President Vladimir Putin for the rehabilitation of Nazism. 

The request was prompted by an interview Putin gave to American journalist Tucker Carlson, in which the Russian leader commented on the events of World War II.

Antonov believes that Putin's statements represent "a denial of facts established by the judgment of the International Military Tribunal for the trial and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, and an approval of crimes stated in said judgment."

While acknowledging that the law on the rehabilitation of Nazism is often used for politically motivated purposes, Antonov insists that the Russia President's words fall within the provision's definition. Additionally, he claims that Putin committed this crime "with aggravating circumstances," disseminating information "by using his official position" and through media outlets. Antonov's petition has been registered and is awaiting a response from the Russian Investigative Committee.

In the interview in question, Putin reportedly said that the Poles "got in over their heads and pushed Hitler to start World War II with them" as they were "intransigent."

"Hitler had no choice in carrying out his plans but to start with Poland," Putin said, apparently justifying Adolf Hitler's aggression.

Poland has reacted to Putin's statement. Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski called Putin a dictator and a paranoid, noting that this is not the first time Russia has accused Poland of starting the Second World War. Warsaw is shocked that these narratives were propagated by the American journalist Tucker Carlson.

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