Russian nuclear agency provides details of explosion during missile tests

The press service of Russian State company Rosatom reported, that a missile exploded during testing on a marine platform, and  in the end of the test the rocket fuel caught fire and caused the explosion, reports RBC news agency.

As a result of the explosion, five employees of Rosatom, who were working with the radioisotope power source of the rocket, were killed, said Rosatom.

"There was a confluence of various factors, which often occurs when new technologies are tested. Of course, our employees were aware of the importance and potential danger of the carried work, specialists often work in conditions of the potential risk. Farewell ceremony for the killed workers will take place on August 12," reads the message of Rosatom.

Rosatom noted that the financial responsibility for the future of the families of the victims rests with the company. "It's not just about one-time help. It's is a small part of what we can do as a sign of appreciation for the dedicated work of the testers who gave their lives for the safety of all of us."

On Thursday, August 8, the Russian Defense Ministry reported an explosion on the territory of a military testing site in the Arkhangelsk region, in which two people were killed and six injured.

After the accident, the Severodvinsk administration website published a report on a short-term increase in the radiation. It was noted, that at the time of publication, the radiation went back to normal, and the sensor readings do not exceed the maximum permissible. However, later, the message was removed, and city administration said that the initial statement was removed, "because the Ministry of Defense is working on this situation."

Senior researcher of the Federation of American Scientists Ankit Panda in a conversation with Reuters news agency said that conventional liquid fuel missiles do not emit radiation. He also noted that previously Russia has reported about the development of a rocket with a nuclear engine. Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the Federal Assembly about the development of a nuclear-powered Burevestnik cruise missile.

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