Media: Victims of missile engine explosion in Russia were exposed to radiation

The victims of the explosion during the tests of a new type of engine on the ship in Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region, Russia) were exposed to high levels of radiation, reports Baza Telegram channel.

As a result of the incident, several people were killed (from 2 to 3), 15 were injured, 6 of them were taken to hospitals in Moscow. In addition to severe explosion injuries, they were exposed to radiation.

According to several sources in the Russian Defense Ministry, the clothes of the injured were burned immediately after hospitalization. Biohazard suits and the clothes of the doctors, who provided first aid to the victims, were also burned.

"Please note that drivers of reanimation ambulances are dressed in special biohazard suits, and cars are covered with a plastic film," reads the description to the video posted on Baza Telegram channel .

The explosion and fire at a military facility in the Arkhangelsk region occurred on August 8. Russian Defense Ministry reported that the incident happened during the test of the liquid jet propulsion system.

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