Russian Navy frigate test-fires cruise missiles off Israel's coast

The Russian Navy’s frigate “Admiral Makarov” fired practice shots in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, using Kalibr cruise missiles (NATO classification: SS-N-27 “Sizzler”), RIA Novosti reports.

The ship’s commander, second rank captain Anton Kuprin, said that “all the weaponry has been tested in combat in the last two years, Kalibrs have been fired directly, and shots have been fired from the anti-aircraft systems”.

“Ships of this project have already carried out assignments repeatedly in the Mediterranean Sea, and currently it is perhaps Russia’s most modern weapon,” Kuprin added.

The commander noted that, on the way to Tartus, Admiral Makarov delivered an icon of Andrew the Apostle, patron saint of the Russian Navy, to the Greek island of Corfu.

Admiral Makarov, the third Project 11356 frigate, falls under the 30th surface vessel division. It has a displacement of roughly 4,000 tons, and can move at up to 30 knots. The ship is armed with Kalibr missile systems, Shtil-1 anti-air systems, Palash missile artillery, as well as other artillery, torpedoes and a rocket launcher.

  Israel, Russia, Syria