Russian military plans major offensive on the left bank of Dnipro river to eliminate Ukrainian stronghold near Krynky

The Russian military is reportedly preparing for an escalation of hostilities around the village of Krynky on the left bank of the Kherson region, with a large-scale offensive in the works to fulfill Vladimir Putin's order to eliminate the Ukrainian stronghold there, reports the Russian war channel "Airborne troops for Honesty and Justice", affiliated with the command of the Russian Dnieper group of forces.

"The 'Dnieper' Main Group is actively preparing troops for operations in the Kherson direction. It will soon get hot here. General Teplinsky is under pressure from Moscow, which is demanding the that  [Ukrainian] foothold be quickly cleared," the Russian channel reported.

The channel is not particularly inspired by the developments due to the expected high casualties for the Russian military during the offensive. The Russian army cannot actively employ frontline aviation in this direction, and there are significant problems with artillery on this front line segment due to effective Ukrainian counter-battery fire.

"It's clear to everyone how this (Russian military advance on Krynky) will happen without aviation and artillery support - it will be a meat assault," the Russian war channel writes.

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