Russian Media: Russia continues to test new weapons in Syria

The newest Russian Stupor electromagnetic gun was sent to Syria for testing in the field. The new equipment will be used by Syrian special forces units, who are fighting in advanced positions, reports Russian Federal News agency.

In battles against ISIS militants, Russia has used a number of new weapons developed by the defense industry that had never been used before in combat conditions. In particular, the new weapons include multi-purpose Su-30SM and Su-35S fighter jets, and X-101 cruise missiles were used to destroy the enemy by long-range aviation. The fleet used Kalibr cruise missiles.

According to the news outlet Inforeactor, the head of the commercial company LocMas, Dmitry Klochko, said that his engineers have developed an electromagnetic Stupor gun. The guns have already been sent to Syrian Special Forces units which are fighting on the front line. This weapon, designed to deal with light enemy UAVs, has already been called the “drone killer.” The new weapon is suitable for taking out lightweight drones, which are most often used by militants. Standard air defense is not suitable for the destruction of such small targets. The Stupor, however, creates interference, disrupting communication via GPS and Wi-Fi. Small drones, as a rule, do not have an autopilot function, so after the weapon is used on them, they lose control and crash.

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