Russian media publishes potential targets in US for Putin's new Zircon missiles

The Russia-1 television channel named US military centers on the American eastern coast that can be targets of the new Zircon missiles. RIA Novosti reports that these locations include the Pentagon, Camp David, Fort Rich, McClellan, and Jim Creek.

Among the targets could be the Pentagon building in Washington, where the Chief Command of the US Armed Forces and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are located. Camp David is the US government control center, and Fort Rich (Maryland) is the command center for the US President and Command Center of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“If we, without doing anything wrong or disturbing anyone, simply position in the world oceans our submarines with launchers of Zircon missiles, 40 on each submarine, then the Russian weapons can hit these decision-making centers that Putin mentioned,” stated the hosts of the Vesti Nedeli program.

Earlier in a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin, while talking about the latest Russian weapons, mentioned the development of the Zircon hypersonic missile, which will have a range of more than a thousand kilometers. It can be used against surface and underwater ships.

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