Russian experts: S-300 missile systems ineffective in Syria

The Russian S-300 aerial defense systems delivered to Syria demonstrated their utter ineffectiveness during an attack by the Israeli Air Force in the early hours of 1 July, writes the Russian news site

The ineffectiveness of Syria’s S-300 is most apparent in light of the fact that they are currently considered the most long-range anti-air systems in Assad’s army, the site notes.

The news outlet’s anonymous experts drew attention to the fact that Israel used long-range missiles in its attack, firing from outside the S-300 systems’ effective targeting range. In addition, the Israeli aircraft reportedly fired while in international airspace.

The analysts believe that the effectiveness of Syria’s aerial defense systems could be improved by relocating the batteries closer to the Mediterranean Sea, but that would put the S-300s themselves at risk, because they themselves would almost certainly be targeted by the Israelis.

The Russian site’s article ends with a rather unexpected message: If Moscow means to change the situation drastically, it should send S-400 systems to Syria, which have a much larger range.

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