Russian court orders the deportation of a DPR separatist to Ukraine

Russia intends to deport to Ukraine Nikolai Tregub, a separatist who fought for the Donetsk People’s Republic, Radio Free Europe reports, citing a judgment issued by the Moscow District Court.

“Nikolai Tregub was born in 1989 in Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region [of Ukraine]. There is a wealth of information about him on the Myrotvorets website (an online resource of a Ukrainian center that collects and studies evidence of crimes committed against national security of Ukraine—Ed.). In 2014, Tregub fought in Slavyansk [Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine] alongside pro-Russian separatists. He fought in a militant formation called Sparta under the command of a terrorist nicknamed Motorola, and he was injured at Donetsk airfield. After medical treatment he fled to Russia,” the statement read.

The Moscow District Court upheld a decision to deport Nikolai Tregub, citing violations of a migration policy of the RF. But the court’s judgment is not a guarantee that the militant will be deported to Ukraine, says Ukrainian Parliament member and founder of the Myrotvorets website, Anton Heraschenko.

“We welcome such rulings of Russian courts and wait for the soonest deportation of as many Ukrainian citizens, who committed crimes against Ukraine, as possible. They will receive fair justice here,” MP Heraschenko said. The MP recalled that there were similar rulings previously made by Russian courts.

“[In the past,] representatives of Ukrainian terrorists and militants who took refuge in Russia would put up protests making the appeal courts overrule the decisions. This is only the first instance of the court’s judgment on Nikolai Tregub, meaning there will be an appeal and an appeal court’s ruling. Hopefully, an appeal court reiterates the ruling. We would like to set a precedent here,” Heraschenko said.

In Russian media, Nikolai Tregub is portrayed as a rebel and the press demands political asylum for him. The fear-mongering is exacerbated by publications that claim Tregub will be exposed to torture and imminent death should he be deported to Ukraine.

Tregub’s brother has been convicted in Ukraine to nine years in prison for involvement in illegal militant formations.

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