Russian Ambassador to Denmark: supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine is an escalation of war

Russia views the supply of Danish F-16 fighters to Ukraine as an "escalation" of the war, said the Russian ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin.
"Denmark, under the pretext that Ukraine should determine its own peace terms, is effectively forcing Ukraine to continue the military confrontation with Russia. This stance pushes Ukraine into a dangerous situation, endangering its population," stated the ambassador.
The Russian ambassador also said that the objectives of a full-scale war against Ukraine, aimed at protecting Russia's national security, will be accomplished.

On the other hand, Danish Defense Minister Jacob Ellemann-Jensen emphasized that Ukraine will only be allowed to use the F-16s within its own territory.

"We provide weapons with the condition that they are used solely for reclaiming Ukrainian territory from the enemy. Nothing more," emphasized the defense minister.

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