Russia amasses 25,000 troops near Chasiv Yar amid intensified fighting in Donetsk region

Russian forces have concentrated a group of approximately 25,000 personnel near the front line at Chasiv Yar, Nazar Voloshin, the spokesperson for the Operational Strategic Group of Forces Khortytsia, said during a national news broadcast. He noted that the hottest points within the group's direction remain the Avdiivka, Bakhmut, and Novopavlivka areas. The situation worsened over the past week with continued heavy fighting; however, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) remain in control.

In particular, Voloshin stated that Russians have concentrated a force of 20-25 thousand troops near Chasiv Yar. The Russian army is attempting to seize the strategic initiative and break through the front line in the Donetsk region.

"In some areas, the enemy has had tactical successes. There has been a dynamic change in the situation recently. The Russian army continues to try to storm our defenders' positions, using all types of weaponry – including artillery, tanks, and drones. In recent days, the enemy has begun to actively use aviation to carry out missile and bomb strikes against both our positions and civilian infrastructure," Voloshin said.

He pointed out that the Russians have not changed their goal—to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

At present, the occupiers are attempting to exploit a so-called "window of opportunity," intensifying their offensive before Western military assistance arrives in Ukraine. However, the VSU is confident that the required weaponry will arrive in time.

According to DeepState, on May 4, the Russians captured Arkhanhelske in the Avdiivka direction. As per the information on the morning of May 5, they reached the borders of Ocheretyne and made progress near Novopokrovske, Umanske, and Pervomaiske.

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