• Crimean energy independence to cost Russia $ 2 billion

    The Russian government may pay $2 billion for the power bridge construction between Kuban – Crimea Peninsula, wrote newspaper Vedomosti, referring to the estimates of “Renaissance Capital” analyst Vladimir Sklyar.

    To construct the stations with 940 MW total capacity may cost US $1.1–1.3 billion. But, according to Sklar, the construction in Crimea will cost $400-450 million more.

    On Dec. 2, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, launched the first line of an energy bridge to  Crimea. The first …

  • Russia prepares new bases in Syria

    Russia prepares two new air bases in Syria

    Russia increased the number of air bases in Syria: one accommodates fighters in the province of Homs, another - used for helicopter departures in Al-Tayas, reported by Reuters, referring to the statement made from the Observatory on Human Rights in Syria, based in London.

    As reported, the second base is controlled by ISIL (banned in Russia) in Palmyra. The base is used for terrorist attacks in this area.

    Activists also reported that Russia is …

  • Kremlin hampers progress in Donbas

    The Kremlin's position prevents effective work in the Donbas

    To postpone the Ukrainian question and unite in the fight against the "Islamic state" was the call made by the representative of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, at the meeting of OSCE Foreign Ministers in Belgrade.

    In turn, Ukrainian foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin, reminded those in attendance that the Ukrainian issue is on the agenda for the Belgrade meeting. Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine threaten peace no less than the "ISIL" …

  • Kurdish tankers on Russian videos.

    Kurdish officials: Oil tankers on the Russian videos belonged to us

    Iraqi Kurds said that the tankers shown on the videos provided by the Russian Ministry of Defence are of their own property, Turkish newspaper the “Daily Sabah reported.

    "Our Ministry of Natural Resources earlier reported that hundreds of tankers carry oil from Kurdistan to Turkey. Russia's claims are based on inadequate sources. We categorically reject the Russian charges," Sherko Jawdat, Chairman of the Energy Committee of …

  • Putin opens first energy-bridge line in Crimea

    The Russian authorities claim that by Dec. 20, the energy demand for Crimea will be covered by 80-90 percent. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, took part in the launching ceremony of the energy-bridge`s first line in Crimea. According to Putin, some elements, in the process of launching the first line, have yet to adjust. "And we have to warn the consumers—residents of Crimea—that there are still some troubleshooting issues we need to resolve. But in general, the first line should work …