• ECHR rules that Russia must pay Navalny and Ofitserov 86,000 euros

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled in favor of Alexei Navalny and Petr Ofitserov.  They had previously submitted a complaint against the decision of the Russian Court in the case of Kirovles.  The text of the ruling was published on the website of the ECHR.

    The ECHR established that Navalny and Ofitserov were tried for acts which are impossible to distinguish from regular business activities.  This is a violation of Article 6 (the right to a fair trial) which, “to the …

  • Shevchenko's house demolished in Russia

    According to Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, the Ukrainian Minister of Culture, Russia has destroyed the residence of Taras Shevchenko in Orenburg.

    Celebrated Ukrainian poet and political figure Taras Shevchenko lived in this building in the city of Orenburg during his exile in 1849.

    The house of the 19th Century Ukrainian poet was demolished in spite of the fact it was registered as a cultural monument of architectural significance.

    Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has instructed his …

  • Russia has taken necessary steps to ensure that mistral carrier payments to France weren't expropriated as part of Yukos case

    The Russian Federation has taken necessary steps to make sure that payments "weren't seized as part of the Yukos case expropriation," a source in the military and diplomatic circles said. Paris met Moscow halfway on this matter.

    Funds amounting to one billion Euros, paid by the Russians in advance for the construction of two Mistral helicopter carriers, were returned to Moscow shortly after the cancellation of the contract as reported on Monday, February 22nd, by the Rambler News Service (RNS), …

  • Relatives of victims of MH17 file lawsuit against Igor Strelkov

    In the State of Illinois, relatives of victims who were killed in the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in 2014 filed a class action lawsuit against Russian citizen, Igor Strelkov (also known as Igor Girkin). Golos Ameriki reported that Strelkov is accused of involvement in the downing of the passenger aircraft.

    It was also noted that Strelkov is being charged under three Articles of US law: murder, destruction of a passenger aircraft and aiding and abetting the commission of a …

  • Trucking between Russia and Ukraine Resumes

    The Russian Ministry of Transport reported on the 24th of February that Russia and Ukraine have agreed on the resumption of transit as of the 25th of February. “All restrictions were indefinitely lifted,” the representative of the Russian Ministry of Transport, Nikolay Asaul, stated in his interview with Interfax. The Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Andriy Pyvovarsky, also reported about the resumption of transit between the two countries at a Cabinet meeting.

    According to Pyvovarsky, …