• Russian government to request 130 billion rubles from pension fund for anti-crisis plan

    The Russian government will request about 130 billion rubles from the Presidential Reserve for the implementation of the anti-crisis plan, the Russian Minister of Finance, Anton Siluanov stated. This fund was established from freezing pension savings and can be used with the approval of the President and the Government.

    Meanwhile, the 2016 budget provides for the establishment of the fund in the amount of 342 billion Rubles due to the freezing of pension savings.

    “The budget provides for the …

  • Breedlove: Russia poses a long-term threat for the US and Europe

    Russia poses a long-term threat for the existence of US and Europe, the head of the US European Command and Supreme Allied Commander for NATO Allied Command Operations in Europe, Philip Breedlove stated. The security situation in Europe has become more complex and serious over the past months, Breedlove noted.

    Speaking to the House Armed Services Committee to report on the security situation in Europe, Breedlove pointed to a number of challenges such as Russia’s behavior, a massive influx of …

  • Activists block 14 Russian trucks in Ukraine

    Representatives of the ‘Freedom Party’ reported that 14 vehicles were detained in Chernovitskaya during the blocking of Russian trucks through Ukraine.

    “Deputies of the local and regional councils participated in the blockade. Now, there are 14 Russian vehicles near the Prorubne checkpoint. The trucks will not be allowed entry.” as was reported on the 27th of February by the ‘Freedom Party.’

    The representatives of the ‘Freedom Party’ and other activists are blocking Russian trucks in other …

  • Putin instructs FSB to prevent foreign interference in Russian elections

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation to prevent outside interference with the State Duma elections.  He also instructed them to stop nationalist activity.

    According to RIA Novosti, he said this on Friday during a meeting with the board of the FSB.

    “We need to stop any attempts to interfere with the elections, and our internal political life.  You know that technologies for such purposes exist and that they have been used …

  • Ukrainian border guards report seeing four Russia Mi-8 helicopters near Crimea

    Ukrainian border guards have recorded activity of four Russian Mi-8 helicopters near the administrative border with Crimea.  This was mentioned on the website of Ukrainian authorities.

    “Border guards of the Genichesk unit of the Berdyansk squad have recorded Russian aircraft flying near the administrative border of Crimea.  There were four Mi-8 helicopters flying near the border’s vicinity,” the statement said.

    In November of last year, the Ukrainian government decided to prohibit Russian …