• Russian Defense Minister announces plan to create three new divisions to counteract NATO build up

    Russia is planning to create three new army divisions to counteract the buildup of NATO forces.

    The Russian RIA Novosti agency reported that Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu made this announcement on Wednesday.

    Two new divisions will be created in the Western army district and one in the Southern.

    "The Ministry of Defense is taking a series of steps to counteract the buildup of the NATO forces in the immediate proximity of Russian borders. By the end of the year two new divisions will …

  • Ukrainian energy companies file suit against Russia for lost assets

    Two Ukrainian energy companies have brought a claim to the UN Arbitration Court asking for compensation for losses due to the inability to control assets in the Crimea after the peninsula was annexed by Russia, as reported by Reuters on Monday, May 2nd.

    According to the agency, the two companies involved are Ukrnafta and Stabil.

    They contend that Russia violated its obligations under the Russian-Ukrainian bilateral investment agreement by "expropriating" the investments of these companies …

  • NATO fighters intercepted Russian aircraft over the Baltic five times last week

    According to Postimees, NATO fighters had to accompany Russian military aircraft five times last week. The Russian planes were flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

    On the 26th of April, NATO fighters stationed in the Lithuanian city of Šiauliai were alerted to a Su-27 plane travelling from the Kaliningrad region of Russia. It is alleged that the plane was flying without submitting a flight plan, had its transponder switched off and did not maintain connection with the Mission …

  • Swedish PM: We are not interested in Moscow's opinion regarding Sweden joining NATO

    The Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, in response to comments made by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, on the possibility of Stockholm joining NATO, stated that Stockholm does not need Moscow’s opinion to make decisions.

    Löfven noted that the words of the Russian Minister were "absolutely useless," emphasizing that no one seemed interested in Moscow’s opinion regarding this issue.

    "In Sweden we make our own decisions regarding defense and security policy. In this regard we …

  • Latvia finds Russian submarine near its borders

    Latvian military forces discovered a Russian submarine and a military ship near the Latvian border. This information was disclosed on the Twitter account of the Latvian Armed Forces on May 2.

    According to the tweet, a class "Kilo" submarine and a military ship, "Victor Konetsky",  were spotted at a distance of approximately 8 nautical miles from Latvian territorial borders. 

    In April Russian fighters intercepted American military aircraft as many as 3 times over the Baltic Sea. Also in April, …