• Donald Trump has not responded to invitation to visit Crimea

    The website Kryminform, which is closely tied to Crimean authorities, reported that U.S. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, ignored an invitation by the head of the Russian-controlled Administration of Yalta, Andrei Rostenko, to visit Crimea.

    But, as Rostenko noted, in the event of Trump’s victory in the elections, the invitation will be repeated.

    “We haven’t had an answer yet. I think that he is busy campaigning. If he wins, we will repeat our invitation,” he said.

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  • After a small growth in February, Russian industrial production continues to decline

    In March 2016, the industrial production growth index began to decline again in Russia. After small growth in February, it suffered a 0.5% decline for the year.

    The Index of Industrial Production for Russia in March 2016 declined by 0.5% as compared to the first month of last spring, as indicated by Rosstat Materials. Industrial production in February rose for the first time in a year, increasing by 1%. However, as compared to 2015, there were 29 days in February this year.

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  • Forbes: Kirill Shamalov became Russia's youngest billionaire

    A member of the board of directors of Sibur, 34-year-old Kirill Shamalov, became the youngest billionaire in Russia, according to Forbes’ list of richest businessmen published in the new issue of the magazine.

    Shamalov was ranked 64th on the list, with a wealth of $1.2 billion, in the 13th edition of the 200 richest businessmen in Russia made by Forbes. This is the first year he is among the billionaires, having taken 1476th place in a world rating of billionaires in 2016.

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  • Court in Kiev to sentence Yerofeyev and Alexandrov on April 18th

    The Goloseevsky District Court in Kiev will sentence Russian servicemen, Evgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov, on Monday, April 18th. Sentencing will take place around 14:00, as stated by the presiding judge in this case, Nikolai Didyk, on April 15th after the judicial debates and statements by the accused at the end of the proceedings.

    Earlier, on April 15th, during the judicial debates, Evgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov asked the court to find them innocent.

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  • Russian-Crimean Prosecutor's Office begins investigation into Crimean Tatar batallion

    The Moscow-controlled prosecutor's office of Crimea has begun preliminary investigations into the creation of an alleged Crimean Tatar battalion, Krym.Realii reported. Natalya Poklonskaya, the Russian-appointed prosecutor, informed RIA Novosti that collected evidence will be attached to an existing criminal case about the formation of a voluntary battalion named after Noman Celebicihan.

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