• Russian MoD: Reports of Russian casualties in the Donbas are 'nonsense'

    According to the Ukrainian Intelligence, 38 bodies of the Russian military were transported from the Donbas to the Russian Federation overnight. The Russian Defense Ministry called this information "nonsense."

    According to the website of the Main Intelligence Directorate (MID) of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, 38 dead Russian soldiers were transported from the territory of Ukraine to Russia during the night on Saturday, April 16th. As stated by the Intelligence, the bodies were transported …

  • Crimea and Abkhazia sign 'memorandum of understanding and cooperation'

    The Ministry of Economic Development of Russian-Crimea has signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Abkhazia, Krym.Realii reported.

    According to the press service of the Russian-Crimean authorities, the memorandum was signed in the framework of the International Economic Forum in Yalta in order to strengthen the partnership between the two disputed territories in socio-economic, scientific-technical, and cultural spheres.

    The …

  • US accuses Russian aircraft of another dangerous maneuver over the Baltic Sea

    The US military has accused Russian aircraft of yet another dangerous maneuver over the Baltic Sea, Radio Svoboda reported.

    US Navy Captain Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for the US European Command, said that the incident took place on April 14th when a Russian Su-27 fighter jet "performed erratic and aggressive maneuvers" dangerously close to a US RC-135 reconnaissance plane during a routine flight in international airspace.

    He added the Russian Su-27 barrel-rolled near the RC-135, coming …

  • Lawyer: Savchenko's health continues to deteriorate

    Nadiya Savchenko’s lawyer, Ilya Novikov, reported a sharp deterioration in his client’s health, Current Time reported, with reference to Ukrainskaya Pravda.

    Savchenko is on the 12th day of her dry hunger strike, but agreed to have IV fluids administered.

    “If yesterday, Nadiya’s sister Verna had not persuaded her to agree to go on a drip, her condition would have been even more complicated,” Novikov stated.

    Novikov stated that there was a possibility that Russia would agree to transfer …

  • Russia's new National Guard will be used in operations abroad

    Russia’s new National Guard will now be able to fight outside of Russia. Participation in peacekeeping operations is one of the functions of the new office as stated in the published draft of the presidential decree on the establishment of the Federal Service of the Russian Guard, RBC reported.The Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of Russia (Rosguard) will participate in the peacekeeping operations and employees` training of law enforcement bodies of foreign states. This is stated in …