Russian troops leave dead bodies and mines as they retreat from Kyiv region

The mayor of Ukraine's town Bucha in the Kyiv region, Anatoliy Fedoruk, said bodies of killed civilians are everywhere in the streets. After the departure of the Russian military, 280 dead civilians were found there and were buried in mass graves.

According to the mayor, dozens of corpses lie on the streets of the city, some of the dead have their hands tied. The adviser to the Ukrainian President, Mykhailo Podolyak, confirmed this information. 

"Bucha, Kyiv region. The bodies of people with tied hands, who were shot dead by  soldiers lie in the streets. These people were not in the military. They had no weapons. They posed no threat. How many more such cases are happening right now in the occupied territories?" Podolyak wrote.

According to journalists, some civilians were killed by a shot in the back of the head. Next to one of the bodies was an open Ukrainian passport, the hands of this person were tied behind his back with a piece of white cloth. Two more of the dead had white armbands on their hands. According to local residents, during the occupation, the Russian military forced them to wear such armbands.

According to journalist Dmytro Komarov, there are a lot of mines in Bucha, which are left on playgrounds and on the streets. Explosive devices are disguised as telephones, packs of pasta or matchboxes. While leaving the city, the Russian military placed mines at the doors of residential buildings. Komarov added that the surviving residents of Bucha "are crying when they are seeing bread." They "haven't seen bread in a month."

Photographer Mikhail Palinchak said that 20 km from Kyiv, the bodies of three people were found: a man and two women. According to Palinchak, the Russians tried to burn the bodies on the side of the road. the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said there were 4-5 charred corpses found.

Many bodies of dead civilians, including burned ones, were also found in the area of the Zhytomyr highway.

In the village of Motyzhyn, Kyiv region, village chief Olga Sukhenko, her husband and son were found shot in the back of the head. They were abducted by the Russian military on March 23, Ukrainian journalist Kateryna Malofieieva wrote. Some of those killed had their hands tied behind their backs.

The bodies of murdered civilians also lie in the streets of Irpen.

In the liberated territories of the Kyiv region, the Ukrainian military administration imposed a curfew until 06:00 on April 5.

While the Ukrainian and world media write about the humanitarian catastrophe in Bucha, the Russian media and social networks are silent about it. On the main page of the Russian indexing service Yandex, there is not a single message about Bucha.

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