Russia restricts supplies of diesel fuel and liquefied gas to Ukraine

Russia has imposed new restrictions against Ukraine from June 1, drastically reducing the supply of diesel fuel and liquefied gas to Ukraine.

According to the publication enkorr, the agreed volume of supply of diesel fuel in June will be 65 thousand tons of which Russian oil company Rosneft will supply 50 thousand tons, and LUKOIL – 14.9 thousand tons.

The volume for liquefied gas in June will be 32 thousand tons, of which 20 thousand tons will be supplied by Rosneft and 12 thousand tons by LUKOIL.

At the same time suppliers who are close to LUKOIL said that the agreed supplies of LUKOIL's resources for June will be 20 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 10 thousand tons of liquefied gas.

According to the Consulting group A-95, in January-April 2019, the average monthly import of diesel fuel from Russia was 225 thousand tons: 205 thousand tons accounted for the resource of Rosneft, 20 thousand tons – for the resource of LUKOIL. Monthly deliveries of liquefied hydrocarbons were at the level of 53.5 tons. Forty-three thousand tons of gas came from Rosneft and 10.5 thousand tons from LUKOIL.

LUKOIL's supplies will be reduced by 33% compared to May. The percentage of decrease in the amount of Rosneft's resource is still unknown, but based on the figures, it can be 50-75% compared to May volumes.

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development will agree on the volume of deliveries of Russian diesel fuel and LPG to Ukraine monthly. Earlier, the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) approved the maximum export volumes for the year.

Starting from June 1, Russia will supply fuel and several other goods to Ukraine only based on special permits.

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