Russia relocates 80% of troops from Finland border to Ukraine

Published satellite images reveal empty bases previously hosting Russian military equipment and personnel. Finnish news outlet Yle reports significant movement of Russian forces from the Finland border to Ukraine.

Finnish intelligence confirms that up to 80% of the troops have relocated. The satellite images, revealed by Finnish journalists, show nearly deserted garrisons and military bases of Russian ground forces near the Finland border.

Only obsolete equipment remains at some bases, and the personnel count has dwindled to one-fifth or even less. Although training continues, the number of Russian personnel fluctuates based on ongoing demands, sources in intelligence indicate.

“By our standards, it's rather poor equipment, but it may still be serviceable by Russian standards,” a source told the publication.

Russia’s frequent threats of a third world war against NATO countries seem more hollow with evident lack of war preparations near Finland. Nearly all combat equipment has been moved from bases close to the Finland border, as noted by observers.

Military Review also highlights that former Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu recently announced reinforcement of the re-established Leningrad Military District with new formations. In Karelia, a separate missile brigade equipped with Iskander-M missile systems has been formed. Additionally, stationary aerostats with special equipment have been deployed to monitor the Finland border.

On June 10, four Russian aircraft breached Finnish airspace in the maritime zone of Loviisa, crossing up to 2.5 kilometers into Finland's territory at its deepest point.

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