Russia refuses to extradite to Ukraine former Berkut police member accused of killing Maidan protesters

The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine received an official refusal from Russia to extradite the former deputy commander of the Berkut company, Dmytro Sadovnik, who was involved in crimes committed during the Euromaidan (Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity), as stated by the head of the special investigative department of the Prosecutor General's Office, Serhiy Horbatyuk, in a commentary to Krym.Realii.

"The Russian Federation has responded that he is a citizen [of Russia], he was granted citizenship and his extradition denied. The citizenship was granted in December 2014," Horbatyuk said.

He explained that, according to their information, Sadovnik is still in the Crimea, but there is no official confirmation of this.

When asked why Interpol refuses to search for former Ukrainian officials and law enforcers, he said that Interpol considers the events of Euromaidan in Ukraine to be political, "that’s why they refuse to add the suspects, who are somehow connected to the former authorities, to the international wanted persons list."

In September 2014, the former commander of the Berkut special police, Dmytro Sadovnik, who is suspected of shooting 39 Maidan participants, escaped from under the house arrest, was put on the wanted list. Later information appeared that he is hiding in the annexed Crimea.

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