Russia puts together a list of undesirable Western media sources

The Commission of the Russian Federation Council on the Protection of State Sovereignty and the Prevention of Interference in Internal Russian Affairs has compiled a list of media outlets whose activities may be restricted in the Russian Federation. The list included CNN (Cable News Network), Voice of America, and Radio Liberty, although there are no more than five media outlets on the list, according to RBC news’ source in the Department. This information was confirmed by one of the commission members.

The list of "undesirable" media outlets is based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media), and the Prosecutor General's Office.

The list includes media outlets that "receive money from abroad" and "interfere in Russian domestic politics," according to a member of the Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty, Oleg Morozov. According to him, the same measures will be taken against the companies on the list that are used against Russia Today and Radio Sputnik, which have been criticized by the Western media.

The Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty was established in the Russian Federation Council in June this year. It studies the interference of foreign states and international organizations "in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian activities in Russia.

It was previously reported that the Russian Ministry of Justice intends to continue  applying the principle of "mirror measures" to the US media, depending on measures taken against the Russian media in the United States.

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