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  • Radio Liberty’s Russian Service accuses 'troll factory' of attacking its YouTube channel

    Radio Liberty’s Russian Service has declared a potential cyberattack against its YouTube channel by so-called "Internet trolls" and bots. According to the report, signals indicating such a situation include a sharp increase in the number of negative reactions (dislikes) simultaneously on several of the channel’s recent video recordings.

    According to statistics, the attack began on February 16 after the publication of a video news release that said that the US accused the Russian military of …

  • Russia bans reporters of Voice of America and Radio Liberty from entering State Duma

    Representatives of the media outlets Voice of America and Radio Liberty, which are recognized as foreign agents, have been banned from entering the Russian State Duma.

    As Interfax reported, the relevant decision was made by the lower house of parliament.

    413 MPs voted in favor of the ban, 38 refrained from voting, and LDPR Deputy Spokesperson Igor Lebedev voted against it.

    “I think that this is an extremely hasty and premature decision. With one hand we advocate attempts to normalize …

  • Russia prepares to recognize Radio Liberty project Krym.Realii as a foreign agent

    The Russian Ministry of Justice of Russia has sent a notice to the Radio Liberty project Krym.Realii as well as Radio Liberty’s Tatar-Bashkir service that the two publications may be recognized as foreign agents, reported RIA Novosti, citing a source in the department.

    The projects Idel.Realii and Kavkaz.Realii, Voice of America, and Current Time, a joint project between Radio Liberty and Voice of America, as well as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty were also warned earlier.

    The day prior, the …

  • Russia wants to declare Radio Liberty and Voice of America as ​foreign agents

    Russian legislators are drafting a bill that would force some Western publications to register with the Russian Federation as foreign agents, as reported by Deutsche Welle, citing Andrey Isayev, the First Deputy Chairman of the United Russia faction in the State Duma.

    American publications such as CNN, Radio Liberty, and Voice of America, as well as the German newspaper Deutsche Welle, would fall under the prospective law.

    The bill was created in response to a new US Department of Justice …

  • Russia puts together a list of undesirable Western media sources

    The Commission of the Russian Federation Council on the Protection of State Sovereignty and the Prevention of Interference in Internal Russian Affairs has compiled a list of media outlets whose activities may be restricted in the Russian Federation. The list included CNN (Cable News Network), Voice of America, and Radio Liberty, although there are no more than five media outlets on the list, according to RBC news’ source in the Department. This information was confirmed by one of the commission …

  • Radio Liberty, Voice of America and CNN were called 'agents of U.S. pressure' against Russia

    In the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Radio Liberty, Voice of America and CNN broadcasters are regarded as “agents of U.S. pressure on the situation in Russia.”

    On April 18, the head of the lower house Committee for Information Policy, Leonid Levin said that the US media is part of the “large-scale system of pressure of Washington,” which allegedly includes “various funds, non-governmental organizations, grants and much more.”

    This statement was made by Levin on April 18 during …

  • Russia wants to check on activities of 'Radio Liberty' and 'Voice of America'

    Konstantin Zatulin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma for the CIS, has asked the State Duma to check that the activities of “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America” are in compliance with Russian law, as reported by Interfax news agency.

    "I propose that we give official instruction to the Information Policy Committee to check that the activities of companies such as “Radio Liberty” and “Voice of America”, which have Russian service, are in compliance with the …