Russia orders Iranian drones which were designed for attacks on Tel Aviv and Haifa

Russia has ordered a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle from Iran, which has not yet been used in Russian attacks on Ukraine yet, said the expert of the Russian Center for Military-Political Journalism, Boris Rozhin, referring to unnamed sources in the Islamic Republic. These are Arash-2 drones. Earlier, the commander of the Iranian ground forces, Brigadier Kioumars Heydari, said that these drones were designed specifically to attack Tel Aviv and Haifa. The range of the drone's flight is 2000 km. Heydari also said that this model has a higher accuracy of guidance.

Rozhin also notes that the Arash-2 has a bigger ammunition load than the Shahid-136 drone models already used in Ukraine. Rozhin notes that "Iran actually has many different interesting UAVs - reconnaissance, strike, kamikaze." The military expert believes that Russia needs to develop its own production of this type of weapons. The country needs to develop its own drones and begin licensed manufacturing of foreign ones. "The fact that there is Iran or China, which in various issues can lend a shoulder, is good, but the military-industrial complex should strive for a full cycle of production of everything necessary. I hope that after the special military operation in Ukraine, this issue has become extremely obvious," Rozhin sums up.

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