Russia intensifies efforts to capture Kostyantynivka, key railway hub in Eastern Ukraine

Russian forces are attempting to strike at the rear logistics areas, railways, and breach the supply routes actively used by the Ukrainian Defence Forces, according to retired Ukrainian major Oleksiy Hetman.

The Russian Armed Forces are particularly focused on reaching Kostyantynivka in the Donetsk region, a crucial railway hub, said military expert and retired Ukrainian major Oleksiy Hetman on the broadcast of FREEДОМ TV.

"The Russians' plans are to reach Kostyantynivka, which serves as a railway junction and a significant logistic hub that we actively use," said Hetman.

He highlighted that this railway route allows the Defence Forces to quickly bring necessary supplies to the front lines. Hetman noted that combining three directions—Chasiv Yar, Toretsk, and Pokrovske—into one hub at Kostyantynivka is precisely what the Russians intend to achieve.

Capturing Kostyantynivka would enable the Russian troops to disrupt the logistical supply lines of the Ukrainian Forces and capture the railway junction. This would prevent large-scale deliveries to the front, creating vulnerabilities as supplies must instead be transported in smaller, more frequent batches, increasing risks and potential delays.

The Russian strategy is to attack the rear and railways to penetrate vital logistic routes. To combat this, three elements are essential, according to Hetman: fortifications within the defensive zones, weapons and munitions, and personnel to operate the weaponry and man the fortifications.

On 27 June, military expert Major Hetman reported that the Russians had escalated their offensive on Kostyantynivka in the Donbas, intending to attack from three different directions.

On 26 June, Hetman stated that Ukrainian forces could halt the Russian advance on Kostyantynivka, emphasizing that losing this city would be detrimental to the Ukrainian Forces.

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