Russia hands over anti-missile technology to China

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club said that Russia is helping China to create a missile warning system. According to him, only Russia and the United States have this technology now, reports Interfax news agency.

"I probably will not reveal a big secret, it will become clear, anyway, that now we are helping our Chinese partners to create a system of the early-warning radar system," said Putin.

The system, which includes ground-based radars that track missile launches, as well as a groups of satellites and a command center, "will radically increase China's defense capability," said Russian President.

Russian President also said that US medium-range missiles might appear in Asia soon, and this is "very bad" because "there will certainly be adequate mirror responses".

According to Putin, these plans are the real reason for the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. "Russia and our 'mythical' violations of the Treaty are not the reason for US withdrawal. If they are going to deploy missiles in Asia, then Asia is the reason for US withdrawal from this Treaty," he explained.

According to Putin, the deployment of American missiles in Asia was reported by American colleagues, and it affects Russia, because "we need to understand where the missiles are going to be deployed in Asia, to understand whether the missiles will be able to reach Russian territory."

He added that the United States was not initially honest, saying that the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, to be deployed in Europe, could not be used for the Intermediate-Range launches.

"And then, they announce themselves that the Aegis Launch Systems were used to launch these medium-range missiles. At least, they should have waited, because now it is clear that they tried to dupe us," Putin concluded.

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