Russia expands sanctions against Ukraine

The Russian government has expanded the list of Ukrainian citizens who fall under economic sanctions, reports the website of legal information of the Russian Federation.

According to the decree signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, nine Ukrainians, who are officials and deputies of the Odesa City Council, are included on the sanctions list.

At the same time, two Ukrainian citizens have been removed from the Russian sanctions list. General Director of the "112 Ukraine" TV channel Yegor Benkendorf and the people's deputy from "Opposition Platform — For Life" party Yulia Ioffe were excluded from the sanctions list.

Now, 570 citizens of Ukraine fall under the sanctions of the Russian Federation.

Also, Moscow has expanded the list of goods that are prohibited to import from Ukraine to Russia. The list now includes corn starch, glucose and fructose, medical air ducts and tubes, hot-water bottles, catheters, hemostatic dressings, and several other medicinal products, as well as radiators and central heating boilers, and parts of liquid pumps.

The list of products that are prohibited from being exported from Russia to Ukraine has also been expanded. Generated paper and other waste paper were added into the sanctions list.

In September, the European Union extended sanctions against Russia for six months.

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