Russia establishes 4 block posts on the border between Syria and Israel

The Russian military police deployed four of its eight posts on the Syrian side of the demilitarized zone located near the Israel-controlled Golan Heights, as stated by Deputy Commander of the Russian military group in Syria, Lieutenant-General Sergei Kurylenko.

According to Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, the posts were established along the Bravo line in the demilitarized zone. The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense also stated that on the territory of Golan Heights there will be no Russian troops. Soon two more posts will be established. As soon as work on the block posts will be finished, “Russia will hand them over to Syria.”

“We are providing global assistance for the UN mission, in order to ensure that the UN flag stands at all posts and the mission will be completely successful in the demilitarized zone,” said Kurylenko.

According to Kurylenko , at the moment, the UN mission patrols the area independently. Previously, peacekeepers did this together with Russian military police. Kurylenko said that UN forces can continue their mission in the Golan Heights on the Alpha line, which is controlled by the Israeli army.

On August 10th, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced plans to establish 8 military posts on the border between Syria and Israel.

At the end of June, Assad's army entered the city of Quneitra, in the Quneitra province, which has been in ruins since 1973. It is located on the border with Golan Heights, which Israel controls. Since 1974, the city of Quneitra has been a part of the demilitarized zone between Israeli and Syrian borders, controlled by UN forces.

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