Russia demands NATO guarantee that Ukraine will not be allowed to join the alliance

The Russian Foreign Ministry published proposed agreements with NATO and an agreement with the United States on the so-called security guarantees which include stopping further expansion of the alliance and rejecting Ukraine's accession to NATO.

Russia calls on NATO to provide guarantees that Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR will not join the alliance. Russia also demands that NATO stop all military activities on the territory of Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The draft agreement with NATO also says that the parties promise not to deploy medium- and short-range missiles within the reach of each other’s territories. In addition, Russia calls on NATO to confirm that the parties do not consider each other as adversaries.

The proposed draft treaty with the United States also stipulates that the Americans should refuse to admit to NATO the countries of the former Soviet Union, not create military bases on their territory and not develop bilateral military cooperation with them.

Russia demands that the United States stop the flights of strategic bombers and the presence of warships of all classes in areas from where they are capable of striking targets on Russian territory.

Since 2019, the Constitution of Ukraine includes a provision stipulating the country’s course to its membership in NATO and the EU. Recent opinion polls show that most of the Ukrainian population supports Ukraine's accession to the alliance.

In June 2021, the participants of the NATO summit confirmed the decision to admit Ukraine and Georgia to the alliance.

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